sprvlln does minecraft

our mod

Steve’s Wasteland

A post-apocalyptic Minecraft world generation mod that adds in 8 new “wastes” biomes, a radiation effect, hazmat suit, and 12 new mobs.

our mod

Steve’s Currency

A physical item-based economy mod for forge modded Minecraft that is intended for use on multiplayer servers.

Adds in cash items and blocks, banking and debit cards, three stores for buying and selling items/blocks/mob drops, and parody versions of a stock market and a crypto market.

our mod

Steve’s ICBM

An Intercontinental Ballistic Missile mod for forge modded Minecraft.

Simulate huge explosions without the use of TNT, and launch missiles into low-orbit to target any location in the world.

our mod

Steve’s Quarry

Inspired by the classic Buildcraft mod’s quarries, this mod adds three different tiers of Quarry machines that can excavate giant holes from your minecraft world using energy.

our mod

Steve’s Universe

A space exploration mod that adds 19 new planet/moon dimensions, and 3 types of space-travel vessels to Minecraft, including a faster-than-light warping JumpShip!

our modpack/public server

Steve’s New Galaxy

A semi-anarchy Minecraft modpack with it’s own public server, open to all.